Friday, April 3, 2009

Always Learning More about Wedding Photography

I am in constant study about photography whether it is lighting, post processing, technique, posing, etc. There is so much information in regard to photography. I was invited to attend a seminar with top wedding photographer Denis Reggie and had the opportunity to attend last night. It was a great seminar and I learned more about how to achieve a more natural light even with the use of flash. I already knew a little bit about the technique, but Denis filled in the gaps of information I didn't know before. The seminar was sponsored by Canon.... and I bet you can guess that I have added a few more lenses to my ever growing wish list. I think my favorite part about the seminar was the discussion about wedding photojournalism, finding the moments and documenting them without interference from the photographer. Also hearing that excessive "photoshopping" is not reality. Even though I know how to do a lot of that stuff, I tend to lean more towards reality in my photography.