Monday, August 30, 2010

Atlanta Photo Booth Services

I have been working on getting the Photo Booth up and running to provide service for events and weddings for people who would like to have a photo booth where guests can do a sequence of images and also to have an instant photo strip to enjoy immediately.  I have it set up where each photo sequence gives you TWO photo strips of each sequence.  The idea here is you the host get to determine if you would like to keep a copy for yourself or give both copies to your guest(s).  What a lot of people like to do is provide a scrapbook, glue sticks, pens, etc. to allow your guests to place your 2nd copy that you keep into a book and sign it or write you a note....  a perfect idea for weddings!  We remain in the photo booth assisting, managing and encouraging your guests to participate.  We provide you with the props and plenty of enthusiasm.  We make sure everything is running smoothly and keep things moving along.  Oh and you can specify what you want at the top of the photo strips, it could be your name(s), date, special message, a company logo... almost anything.  And if you are going to keep a copy of the strips, your half could be blank or say something else...  allowing you to totally customize your photo booth.  You can also supply additional props or a special background if you like.  Once someone does their photo sequence (4 poses), then in less than 1 minute, the photo strips print out.  They measure 2 inches by 6 inches each strip.

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