Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tony Gonzalez Shop With A Jock 2010

This time last night we were at the Walmart in Cumming, GA taking photos of the kids shopping with the football players from the Atlanta Falcons team.  The Atlanta Union Mission sent out around 50 children and Walmart gave each child a $100 Gift Card to spend on anything they wanted.  Several of the kids came to check out with new bikes and all kinds of fun stuff.  They really enjoyed shopping.  Us grown ups had fun too.  I was contacted about providing each of the kids with a photo from the event to take home with them.  I had some awesome help, which was much needed especially when the kids came to check out with much enthusiasm.  I quickly noticed a lot of Walmart shoppers buying footballs to collect autographs.  :)  I shared some of the photos on facebook and I noticed Tony Gonzalez added one of them to his own album on the page.

more photos from the event: http://www.sherijohnsonphotography.net/Events/Tony-Gonzalez-Shop-with-a-Jock/15069505_DafQF

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