Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jorge & Melisa – The Most Excited Bride & Groom to Date

I can't help remembering the excitement witnessed during Jorge & Melisa's wedding ceremony. I have been involved in a LOT of weddings, but never in my life have I seen so much excitement shared by a bride and a groom during their wedding ceremony. You know most wedding ceremonies there is very little movement, people generally stand still, now I know that is not always the case. Once Tony gets done processing the video footage, I hope to have some video to share of them jumping up and down at the altar.
Until then, I will share a few photos, one of which has been entered into a photography contest called "Perfect Pairs", which this couple is indeed a perfect pair, they are just so cute together. Their wedding was held in Buford, GA on 9-3-2011. To see any of the images larger, please visit the gallery at

Update: Here is the video if you would like to witness for yourself the excitement of this bride & groom.

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